Schrack Technik GmbH, Wien

Schrack Technik Group

Strong Austrian player in Central Europe

The Schrack Technik Group is a leading technology company specialising in products and solutions for power and data distribution. Network technology, optimisation and safety of power, as well as security of data are the business priorities. Starting from Austria, a strong market presence has been achieved in Central Europe by establishing subsidiaries.

The Schrack Technik Group is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and specialises in products and solutions for the power and information technology. The company offers its customers a complete range of products for safe, convenient and economical power distribution and energy use. Since the acquisition of Highspeed Cabling, the company also specialises in products and solutions for data networks. The executive management consists of Wilhelm Großeibl, Viktor Eßbüchl and Norbert Kasper. Wilhelm Großeibl is also the CEO.

Comprehensive Portfolio and Market Leadership

The product portfolio ranges from control cabinets and electric enclosures, relays, circuit breakers to safety lighting and data networking products. Schrack is one of the few companies that covers in its portfolio the entire market spectrum of the electrical installation industry. In strategic areas such as circuit breakers, network technology, security lighting and relays, Schrack is the market leader. Highest quality of products for cost-effective solutions boosts the competitiveness of Schrack's customers.

Focus on Central and Eastern Europe

Outside Austria, Schrack is present in the market with its own subsidiaries in eleven other countries. Central Europe is the strategic focus of the activities. Partner companies are present in 40 nations.

Competitive Advantage: high-quality products, technical expertise, personal support and the best possible availability

The unique competitive advantage of Schrack is the combination of high-quality products, technical expertise and personal support. About 60% of employees work in sales and technical consulting.

As opposed to competitors, Schrack does not distribute its products through wholesalers, but employs its own sales force. Its clients include leading electrical installers, switch or network cabinet builders, information technology specialists and industrial customers.

With seven regional offices in Austria, called Schrack Stores, and its own technically highly trained sales force, Schrack can meet local customer requests quickly and professionally.

The on-site availability was increased by the Schrack Stores where more than 3,000 articles are ready to be picked up. Schrack customers need goods quickly. Often unexpectedly.

Logistics processes were devised to be so reliable that Schrack products are labelled in a way that also allows customers to check availability at the product level.


Further Solid Growth as a Target

The relevant Schrack market in Austria is about €900 million and is characterised by stable growth rates. An ever greater need for technical services in buildings and industrial facilities provides the confidence to expect significant long-term growth, particularly in the markets of Eastern Europe.